Radiation Side Effects for Prostate Cancer Treatment

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There are several different brands of Radiation Therapy (Cyberknife, Gamma Knife, IMRT, Linac, Novalis and TomoTherapy) and side effects can differ depending which you choose. This is why Colorado CyberKnife and Colorado TomoTherapy invested in the Best-in-Class equipment, minimizing to the fullest extent the side effects and recovery time for our patients


Though Colorado CyberKnife and Colorado TomoTherapy have invested in the best equipment to mitigate the side effects of radiation therapy, patients may report temporary symptoms following treatment, which may include reduced urinary stream, burning with urination, more frequent urination, increase in frequency of stools, loose stools and more gas with bowel movements than usual. To date, prostate cancer patients have experienced low rates of moderate to severe toxicity ranging from 0-3.5% for urinary and 0-2% bowel toxicity [45-52]. Doctors will discuss all possible side effects with their patients prior to treatment. In addition, doctors may prescribe medication to control any side effects, should they occur.

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