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Screening Test
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Test Type Notes Offered by Colorado CyberKnife Covered by Insurance** Cash/Self-Pay Rate at Colorado CyberKnife
 Prolaris (R) Genetic / Biomarker Interpretation of Biopsy (determines the aggressiveness of cancer) Physical $850*
Consultation w/ Digital rectal examination (DRE) included Physical $200*
Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) Blood $150*
Prostate CAncer Gene 3 (PCA3) Genetic / Urine $450*
4Kscore @cost Genetic / Blood $700**
Oncotype DX Genetic / Biopsy
General Diagnostic MRI w/o contrast Magnetic Scan $600*
MRI Prostate Exam w/contrast Magnetic Scan $1,000*
MRI Breast Exam w/contrast Magnetic Scan $1,000*
Multiparametric Prostate MRI Magnetic Scan  x (only center in region to offer) $1,000*
3D Prostate Mapping Magnetic Scan with Probe & Biopsy $1,500
URONAV Prostate Biopsy Targeted 3D GPS Mapped Ultrasound & Biopsy $500*
Saturation Biopsy Typically 25 or more Biopsies cores (*we do not perform as targeted MRI/Ultrasound biopsies with Phillips Invivo DynaCAD, UroNAV Prostate Mapping is superior technique) $50 per core (often 8-12)
DynaCAD Prostate Magnetic Scan with Ultrasound & Biopsy $50 per core (often 8-12)
Prostate Biopsy Labwork + Pathology Reading Ultrasound & Biopsy $50 per core (often 8-12)
MRI Spectroscopy Low-Res Comparative Magnetic Scan N/A
The Gleason Grading System Structure for Monitoring Tumors N/A

*We have negotiated these low cash/self pay rates with the testing facilities and clinicians directly and therefore are subject to cost change by them. These are meant to be good faith estimates of procedural rates.



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